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Box of 10 = $19.90 ($1.99 ea)
Box of 20 = $39.80 ($1.99 ea)
Box of 30 = $59.70 ($1.99 ea)
Box of 40 = $79.60 ($1.99 ea)
Box of 50 = $89.50 ($1.79 ea)
Box of 100 = $149.00 ($1.49 ea)

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Aero-Motion’s™ Aero-Props™ are fun on a stick! The Aero Prop™ is the highest quality flying propeller on the market! Manufactured in the USA to ensure quality and optimum flight performance, Aero Props™ are hard to beat. These hand-powered helicopters are simple to fly and completely addictive! Just spin between your hands and watch them soar up to 30 feet in the air. Do loops, play catch, shoot a target, invent your own tricks & much more!


  • 8” propeller 7 3/4” dowel
  • Fly’s 30+ feet in the air!
  • Super controllable flights!
  • Available colors
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Assortment of all Colors, Assorted Primary Colors, Assorted Glitter Colors, Assorted Neon Colors


Box of 10, Box of 20, Box of 30, Box of 40, Box of 50, Box of 100

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