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• EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF FLIGHT – from your living room or wherever you may be! FUN FOR ALL AGES!

• FLIES UP TO 30 FEET! Great for indoors or outdoors. Fly by yourself or with friends. Place dowel between hands, push your right hand forward and watch it fly! Play catch, juggle, do boomerangs, make a target, do curve shots & more!

• MADE IN THE USA SINCE 1991 – The original and best quality flying propeller available.

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The Original Aero Prop Flying Propeller Toy!

HOLD the dowel between your hands, AIM the propeller where you want it to fly, then push your RIGHT hand forward and let it SOAR!

Aero Prop Flying Propeller Flight Instruction Pic

Now you can fly a helicopter in your living room!

Experience the thrill of flight from your living room or wherever else you may be with Aero Prop Hand Powered Helicopters™. Aero Props™ are the original & best quality flying propeller toy available! Can Fly up to 30 feet high & provides hours of endless fun! You can fly by yourself, with a friend, play catch, make a target, juggle, do boomerangs, curve shots & much more! We bet you won’t be able to put your Aero Prop™ down once you begin flying!

Aero Props are 100% Made in the USA since 1991 & engineered for optimum flight performance. Place the dowel between your hands, push your right hand forward & watch it soar! Control your Aero Prop™ by pointing the propeller in the direction you want to fly.

Aero Props™ come with educational flight instruction manuals that teach the basics of how to fly, trick shots, & go over the scientific principles of flight that make the toy fly! Scientific principles include AIRFOILS, MOMENTUM, INERTIA, MASS, PRESSURE, THRUST, LIFT, FRICTION & GRAVITY. Aero Props are the perfect interactive teaching tool to teach the principles of flight while having fun!

Our product comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, reach out to us and we will make it right.

Remember to always use the Original Aero Prop Flying Propeller Toy!

Happy flying!


  • 8” propeller 7 3/4” dowel
  • Fly’s 30+ feet in the air!
  • Super controllable flights!
  • 20+ Available colors

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Box of 10 ($1.99 Ea.), Box of 20 ($1.79 Ea.), Box of 50 ($1.59 Ea.)