Our Story

Aero-Motion, Inc. Founded in 1975 through the love of flight, fun, and excitement.

Classic action toys since 1975. Beginning as the original manufacturer of the classic wooden folk toy, the Puddle Jumper™ flying propeller toy. The Puddle Jumper™ went on to become a national success. Aero-Motion, Inc went on to develop a line of classic hardwood toys. Today these toys include Classic Wooden Spin Tops and Yo-Yos. In 1991, Aero-Motion, Inc. went on to develop the best selling plastic Aero Prop Flying Propeller Hand Powered Helicopter™!

Fast forward 30+ years and we have given countless people the opportunity to experience the THRILL OF FLIGHT with nothing but their hands and a silly propeller toy. We’ve shipped 50+ million propellers all across the globe in hopes of spreading joy in the form of flight, fun, and excitement!

It’s an honor that our toys have helped to shape childhood memories for people all over the world. We always hear the classic saying “I remember those from when I was a kid!” For many, this was their first experience with the THRILL OF FLIGHT and it becomes a cherished memory for the rest of their lives. Thanks for allowing us to continually strive to provide quality classic toys and hope you will join us on the journey to spread joy, fun & excitement through the power of play!

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Discussing Puddle Jumpers with Muhammed Ali in the 1980’s!